Drive Safe to Work Week

Pledge to Drive Safe to Work

Join KMM and your fellow drivers in taking the pledge to Drive Safe to Work. Take the pledge now to Drive Safe to Work. All who register will receive daily tips and suggestions that will make taking the pledge easier.

The Pledge:

In recognition that safe driving is serious business

I Pledge To:
  Refrain from contacting others via cell phone or text during times that I know to be their drive-time.
  Not expect immediate responses to calls or texts in recognition that others may be driving when I am attempting to reach them.
  Work with others to put together a plan for acceptable response times and back up contacts in the event they are driving when I need to reach them.
First name:
Last name:

Are you a distracted driver?

Take this short quiz to see if you are. The results may surprise you!

Are you an employer?

Click here to learn ways to make getting to work safer for your employees.

PSA “Don't Drive Dangerously” Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 14th Annual PSA “Don't Drive Dangerously” contest sponsored by Middlesex County.

  1. 1st place Monroe High School ($1,000)
  2. 2nd place Edison Municipal Alliance, SADD ($750)
  3. 3rd place New Brunswick High School ($500)
Watch 14th Annual PSA “Don't Drive Dangerously” Contest Video: