Green Commuter Rewards

A new incentive program from KMM offers qualified commuters rebates for online purchases. Green Commuter Rewards provides access to over 1000 online stores, who in turn, offer rebates for purchases. The program is available to commuters who carpool, vanpool, use mass transit, walk or bicycle for 24 times over a 60 day period.

In order to qualify Green Commuter Rewards, a commuter must register and track green commute trips. Upon completing a requisite number of green commute trips, the applicant will qualify for the Green Commuter Rewards Program. It is that simple!

Commuters can earn up to 30% cash back by shopping online. Purchase electronics, books, coffee, cookies, toys, clothing, sporting goods, even trips and movie tickets to earn rewards. Daily, weekly, and monthly deals make the Green Commuter Rewards Program even more valuable.

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