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Do you idle your car when waiting to pick up your kids? Do you leave the car running for a quick for a dash into the convenience store? Do you warm up your car on a cold morning? Do you realize that an idling car burns fuel but goes nowhere?

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No Idling Pledge


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No Idling Pledge

No Idling Pledge
Take the Pledge and receive a Free Window Cling (while supplies last).
I recognize that motor vehicle idling is illegal. It burns fuel needlessly and wastes money. Idling is unhealthy for people and our environment. And, idling emissions kill.

In order to reduce idling, I can
  • Use a remote starter wisely to avoid excessive warm up
  • Drive the car to warm up rather than idle the engine
  • Be on time in order to avoid idling while waiting
  • Use mass transit, walk, or bike if possible
  • Turn the car off.
  • I pledge to incorporate these simple steps into my daily routine in order to reduce auto emissions and improve air quality.
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    Here are some links for the No Idling program:
  • Clean Water Action/Idle Free New Jersey
  • NJ Department of Environmental Protection
  • CT Department of Environmental Protection
  • Northwest Air Quality Agencies
  • Hamilton County Environmental Services, Cincinnati, OH
  • Oregon Environmental Council/ItÂ’s Not Cool To Idle At School
  • US Department of Energy
  • US Environmental Protection Agency/Clean School Bus USA
  • Videos

    Two YouTube videos:
    Watch the videos below: (click the image to view the video)
    Clean Air Ad
    It's Not Cool To Idle At School