Bike to Work

Bike to Work Month

Bike to Work Month is an event that encourages commuters to leave their cars at home for the day and ride their bikes to work, promoting more active lifestyles, reducing traffic congestion and keeping their community healthy.

Give your car a rest. Bike to work and join thousands of people across the country in recognizing this special day and qualify to win a host of prizes.

Rules and Regulations

Register for the program by submitting the entry form below. Once registered, you will receive a weekly email asking you to let us know which days you biked during the previous week and the number of miles.

By submitting the form, you are verifying that you will Bike to Work any day during the month of May (May 1st to May 31st) . After June 1st, you will receive a short survey that asks about your experience in biking to work. When you fill out the form and submit it to KMM, you will be entered for a second time into the drawing.

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