Emergency Ride Home

As a registered KMM commuter, you can qualify for up to 3 free rides home per year.  To register for the program, fill out the form below.


The Emergency Ride Home program is a benefit offered to carpoolers, vanpoolers, and mass transit users registered in KMM’s Ridesharing program. Commuters must participate in an alternative commute method at least once a week to be eligible.

Criteria for use of ERH are as follows:

  1. The commuter has a family or medical emergency that interrupts the work day.
  2. The commuter is unexpectedly required to work overtime at the supervisor’s request.

ERH Program Rules

  1. Commuters who enroll in ERH will receive a Trip Voucher for an Emergency Ride Home. The voucher is required to redeem the ride, with no exceptions.
  2. Commuters are entitled to three rides per year. A voucher will be supplied by mail upon registration. Additional vouchers to be sent as needed.
  3. ERH should be taken via Rental Car (Enterprise). ERH via Driving Service (A-1 Limousine or Kellys Car Service) may only be used if:
    • The commuter does not have a valid driving license.
    • The commuter has a physical disability which prevents him/her from driving.
    • The nature of the emergency physically or emotionally impairs the commuter’s ability to drive.
    • The ride home from work is needed in the evening hours after 6 pm (after Enterprise offices have closed).
  4. Invalid reasons for using ERH include, but are not limited to: personal errands, preplanned medical appointments, business-related travel or errands, or working late as a matter of practice.
  5. Enterprise rentals are covered by KMM as follows: Intermediate-level car for 1 day / 200 miles. Additional Terms: Car upgrade or mileage exceeding 200 will be the responsibility of the commuter. Enterprise will require proof of valid drivers license and credit card in addition to ERH Voucher. Commuter is responsible for providing proof of insurance or purchasing Enterprise supplemental rental coverage. Rental car must be returned to the Enterprise branch where the car was rented.
  6. Car Service (A-1 Limousine or Kellys Car Service) is covered as follows: One trip via car service to the commuter’s home, or to another destination mandated by an emergency.
  7. Program audits will be made by KMM if usage appears excessive or invalid.

How to Use the ERH Service

  1. Contact the transportation provider under contract with KMM to arrange the ride.
  2. Please have ERH voucher completed and ready at time of reservation. Mention that you are a member of KMM’s program and provide account # from top right of the voucher for confirmation purposes.
  3. Present the ERH voucher to Enterprise employee or A-1 driver to redeem the Emergency Ride Home. Retain a copy of voucher for your records and fax a copy to KMM at (732) 745-7482 on the day that you are using the ERH.
  4. The transportation provider will forward the original voucher to KMM for processing and payment.

Provider Information

Rental Car Agencies:
(Please call by 5:30 pm for a pick-up. Enterprise closes at 6 pm.)

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
1921 Route 27
Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 572-7700
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
1710 US Highway 130
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
(732) 297-2121
Or, call 1-800 RENT-A-CAR

for the nearest Enterprise location.

Driving Service:
(Please provide 2 hours advance notice.)

A-1 Limousine
Princeton, NJ (headquarters)
Kellys Car Service
East Brunswick, NJ
offers off-hour service



Personal Information

Employer Information

(Note: Those who drive alone every day will not qualify for this program.)

Carpool or Vanpool Partners


Commuter Participation Agreement

The Undersigned Agrees to the following:

  1. I have carefully reviewed and understand the Program Rules of the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.
  2. I hereby certify that I am currently using the above method(s) of getting to work.
  3. I hereby release Keep Middlesex Moving, Inc. from any liability.