KMM Webinars

KMM webinars are created and moderated by our staff and available to our local residents, businesses, and communities.  These video presentations are generally 45-minute conversations covering topics such as sustainability, economic development, mass transit, and much more.   The library of 20+ webinars is organized below by subject matter.   Each category is linked to a corresponding YouTube playlist and can be shared.

Webinars are added monthly.  Please follow the key guide below.


Mass Transit 

 A Conversation with NJ TRANSIT CEO & President, Kevin S. Corbett

 Senior Shuttle. More than Transportation

Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety 

Safe Route to School; Active Communities Connect

Walk Safe. Bike Safe. A Children’s Webinar

Street Smart NJ in Your Community

Tactical Urbanism

 Adapting Community Spaces


Earth Day Podcast

A Walk the Park


 Covid-19 Impact on the Workplace

 Maximizing Social Media Outreach

 The Evolution of Work in a Post-Covid World

Driving Safety 

 A Conversation with NJ Division of Highway and Traffic Safety Podcast

 Child Passenger Seat Safety


Women in Transportation Podcast

Smart Grid: Updating the NJ Energy Infrastructure Webinar

 Flying Taxi

Electric Vehicles 

Mid-Atlantic Electric School Bus Webinar

Electric Vehicle. Is it Right for you?

Charging Towards the Future – Electric Charging Station Municipal Ordinance

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Ready to Buy an Electric Vehicle?

NJDEP Electrification Grant Opportunity 2022