Emergency Ride Home

As a registered KMM commuter, you can qualify for up to 3 free rides home per year.  


The Emergency Ride Home program is a benefit offered to carpoolers, vanpoolers, and mass transit users registered in KMM’s Ridesharing program. Commuters must participate in an alternative commute method at least once a week to be eligible.

Criteria for use of ERH are as follows:

  1. A family or medical emergency that interrupts the workday.
  2. Unexpected overtime at your supervisor’s request.
  3. Breakdown of carpool vehicle or interruption of transit service that prevents a commuter from getting home.

ERH Program Rules

  1. Commuters MUST enroll in KMM’s Emergency Ride Program (see below) prior to arranging a ride.
  2. Registered ERH participants are eligible for trip reimbursement up to $50 per ride for a maximum of 3 rides per year.
  3. Commuters may schedule ERH trips using their preferred transportation providers such as ride-hauling (Uber), public transit, private taxi or car service or car rental agency.
  4. Commuters must email/fax a copy of proof of ride to KMM in order to receive trip reimbursement.
  5. The receipt or invoice must include name, address, and phone number of transportation provider, date of trip, origin, and destination, and total cost of the trip.
  6. KMM does not reimburse for tips.

How to Use the ERH Service

  1. Contact your preferred transportation provider and schedule a ride to your home or vehicle location.
  2. You are responsible for FULL payment to the transportation provider at the time of service.
  3. Once the ride has been taken, fax a copy to KMM at (732) 745-7482 or email it to rideshare@kmm.org for payment.