Senior Adults – COVID-19 Transportation

Congratulations!  You have received an appointment for your vaccination.  We can help you find a way to get there.  Middlesex County has over 40 vaccination sites across the county.  This page is meant to serve as a tool to help you reach your vaccination site.


How to Navigate the Vaccination Transportation Finder:

  • This transportation finder lists vaccination locations, taxis, municipal transportation, and transit services where available.   You can use the legend below to sort by vaccination site or city.
  • Please note, not all municipalities will transport residents to their vaccination appointments.  It varies from town to town.  Please read the Municipal Transportation column carefully.
  • The taxi companies listed serve the towns in which the vaccination site is located.  If you do not live in that town, you can still contact them for a ride.  Please note rates and costs are based on your origin and destination.
  • NJ TRANSIT is available for certain locations.  Please click on the Green + button in the vaccination column.
  • If you are a Middlesex County resident, Middlesex County Area Transportation (MCAT) is available to take you to your vaccination appointment if the site is located within Middlesex County.  You must be pre-registered.
  • Additional transportation resources and links are listed below the guide.


This guide can be printed.  Please see the legend feature below to print and sort.

The information listed below is updated daily. 


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Below are additional resources to find transportation to your vaccine site:

To use MCAT, please visit Demand/ Response Reservation.

For a complete list of point-to-point bus routes in Middlesex County: NJ TRANSIT buses

Try Google Transit to reach your vaccination destination.

For a complete list of taxis that service Middlesex County: Middlesex County Taxi Service

Schedule a ride with Ryde4Life or Uber or Lyft.   Please note these services require pre-registration.

Looking for a location outside of Middlesex County? Try NJ TRANSIT VaxRide.

For a complete list of Vaccination Sites in NJ and available Public Transit, visit NJTIP.