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Looking to take mass transit to get where you need to go?  The Middlesex County Transit Guide provides information on how to travel in and around Middlesex County using public transportation. The Guide also provides information on NJ TRANSIT, Bus Pass / Rail Ticket Fare Options, Bus Ticket Agents, Transit Service, and all points served in Middlesex County. Click here to download the guide.  Need more specific information?  We’ve got you covered.  Below is a breakdown of mass transit options in Central Jersey.

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Commuter Tax Benefits with NJTRANSIT

Save up to $900 on your commute with NJTRANSIT. The Federal Government allows employees to set aside a certain portion of pre-tax wages, which can be used for your mass transit commuting costs and parking while reducing your federal taxable income. The Federal Government currently allows a pre-tax commuter benefit of $280 per month. That means you could save up to $900/year by not paying federal income tax on that salary.  To learn more, click here.


Middlesex County Area Transportation

Middlesex County Area Transit (MCAT) provides transportation for its residents throughout the County of Middlesex.   MCAT provides demand services to seniors and people with disabilities to medical appointments, life-sustaining treatments, physical therapy, recreational and shopping not limited to food shopping within Middlesex County.   There is also a deviated shuttle program that is provided for job access and low-income residents.

MCAT is expected to resume the limited-service operation of the M-1 New Brunswick 8A and M-7 South Amboy Brunswick Square Mall shuttles on July 15th, 2021. The MCAT shuttle program is a modified fixed-route service that operates on a fixed schedule without reservations. 100% capacity permitted with mandatory mask requirement on each shuttle, MCAT driver is protected by a barrier, requirement to follow all CDC guidelines and state regulations.  Please note, the changes are highlighted in yellow.  Any questions, please call Middlesex County MCAT Phone – (732) 745-7456.   For a complete look at Middlesex County Area Transportation Services, please CLICK HERE.

*M1 New Brunswick- Jamesburg-Exit 8A The Exit 8A route provides peak period service between New Brunswick and the employment centers located at Exit 8A of the New Jersey Turnpike and offers connections between New Brunswick and Jamesburg during off-peak hours. Click here to download the timetable.

* M7 Brunswick Square Mall/South Amboy The service operates primarily along Bordentown Avenue and will provide connections to key transit hubs including the Route 9 Ernston Road NJ Transit commuter bus services, the Cheesequake Service Area Academy Bus service on the Garden State Parkway, and the South Amboy Rail Station on the North Jersey Coast Line.

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NEW! Service from South Amboy, NJ to NYC is now available via NY Waterway

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ZipCar available in Metro Park Train Station, Iselin, NJ –