Mass Transit

There are many alternatives to driving alone, here in Middlesex County. Listed below are links to a host of agencies and transportation services that can connect you to your final destination.

Get there by BUS

Get there by Train

Try Middlesex County Shuttles

MCAT shuttles will arrive hourly from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The three routes are the New Brunswick-Jamesburg, Brunswick Square Mall, East Brunswick-Jamesburg, and Brunswick Square Mall-South River-Old Bridge. Saturday service for the Jersey Avenue Shuttle that runs in New Brunswick and North Brunswick will continue to operate on a 30-minute frequency.

Suggested fare is $1, and 50¢ for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities.

For a complete brochure of all Middlesex County Transportation Shuttles, click here.

Get there by Ferry


Try using Zip Car

Locations in Metro Park and Rutgers, New Brunswick –