What is a carpool?

Tired of enduring a costly commute and stressful rush hours all on your own? Try carpooling. KMM has a FREE ridematch service to help you find a partner to share the ride. When you carpool, you help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, and you save wear-and-tear on your vehicle, plus time and money.

Find a Carpool

Find a carpool! When you register for our FREE commuter network, KMM will match your commute patterns - origin, destination, start and stop times - with others in our database. You will receive a list of potential rideshare partners.

You may be eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Program. Click here for more information.

Find a carpool partner on our Commuter Classified page. Click here for more information.

Calculate Your Savings

Calculate your savings with our new Rideshare Cost Savings Calculator!

Get More Information

For more information, call 1-800-245-POOL or register online.