Mass Transit - getting you where you need to go

There are many alternatives to driving available to commuters in Middlesex County. This page contains links to transit organizations throughout the state and information about cities in Middlesex County that provide shuttle services to and from public transportation hubs, such as train and bus stations.

How Much Does It Cost to Drive?

Ever wonder how much it costs to drive annually? Now, you can find out by clicking here. After you've answered a few questions about your driving habits, both sites will calculate your annual costs. But there's more. Both sites will also tell you much it would cost to use mass transit. Logon today. Your commute may cost more than you imagine.

Ticket to Work

Looking for work in Middlesex County? Register for KMM's TICKET TO WORK program and obtain 3 free round trip tickets to look for work along a bus route. Then, if you find a job, KMM will give you 5 round trip bus passes for your first week of employment.

Transit Guide

Middlesex County Transit Guide is now available.

This comprehensive guide provides information about how to travel in and around Middlesex County via public transportation.

Click here to order bus, train and shuttle schedules.


MCAT shuttles will arrive hourly from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The three routes are the New Brunswick-Jamesburg, Brunswick Square Mall, East Brunswick-Jamesburg, and Brunswick Square Mall-South River-Old Bridge. Saturday service for the Jersey Avenue Shuttle that runs in New Brunswick and North Brunswick will continue to operate on a 30-minute frequency.

Suggested fare is $1, and 50¢ for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities.

For a complete brochure of all Middlesex County Transportation Shuttles, click here.



Commute in comfort and ease. Try taking the bus to work.

Zip Cars

Rent a car by the hour or the day with a Zip Car. Locations in Metro Park and Rutgers University. For more information, click here.