What is a vanpool?

Did you know that just one commuter vanpool can eliminate up to 14 cars from the road? Vanpools benefit commuters as well as the community. To help encourage and sustain vanpooling, KMM offers vanpool incentive programs that support commuters. To qualify for either program, vanpool groups must have a current vehicle lease from a vanpool provider listed below.


Contact a vanpool provider:
  • vRide, Inc. at 800-VAN-RIDE or click here.
  • Enterprise 800-VAN-4-WORK or click here.
  • NJ TRANSIT Vanpool Sponsorship Program

    Available through NJ TRANSIT, the Vanpool Sponsorship Program is an incentive program meant to encourage long-term vanpooling. The program provides van groups with a discount of $175 per month off their van lease. To qualify for the program, vanpool groups fill out an application supplied by KMM and submit this to NJ TRANSIT. If approved for the Vanpool Sponsorship Program, the vanpool group receives a monthly subsidy for a term of one year, at which time the application is renewed with NJ TRANSIT.