Showing Courtesy

Everyone knows the situation; seated at a table having lunch with one party who is constantly checking their cell phone.cell-phone

Frustrating and Rude!

Most people believe that they have good mobile manners. However, this isn’t always the case. Responding to texts, emails, and taking calls seem to be take precedent over live interaction. People become irritated by the use of cell phones in public places.

While we can’t change everyone’s bad habits, let’s bring some attention to it.  July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month and let’s start with ourselves. We can accomplish this by following a few tips for cell phone etiquette.

When you are engaged face-to-face with others, during a meeting or conversation, don’t check your cell phone for texts or emails. You should give them your complete and undivided attention. Concentrate on the person(s) you are having the conversation with.

Be sure to set your cell phone volume to silent or vibrate when in a meeting, courtroom, theater, place of worship and especially while driving. There is no message or call that is so important to check during this time.

Do yourself a favor and don’t embarrass yourself in public. If you know that you have an important call to make, that may become emotional or intense, save it for another time. You want to make sure you are in a private place, not in public where everyone can hear you.

Finally, don’t yell. It’s very easy to start yelling while on your cell phone. Always be mindful of your personal volume control.

If you follow these simple tips for the month of July, everyone will appreciate your mobile manners!