Keep Middlesex Moving, Inc.

Keep Middlesex Moving, Inc., is Middlesex County's non profit transportation management association. KMM is affiliated with the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. Since 1988, KMM has partnered with commuters, employers, local, county, and state government to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

Reduce Traffic Congestion

Over 6 million motor vehicles are registered in New Jersey. Sometimes, it feels as if all of them are on the road at the same time, especially during rush hour. That's why carpooling, vanpooling, or using mass transit makes more sense that driving alone. Fewer cars reduce, improve mobility, reduce commuting stress, and saves money.

Improve Air Quality

Motor vehicles are a major source of carbon dioxide emissions and ground level ozone. These pollutants threaten our health and our environment. Reducing your weekly driving by 10 miles eliminates 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Carpooling 2 days per week reduces carbon emission by 1,590 pounds. Even keeping your car well tuned and your tires properly inflated can make a significant difference.

A few small changes in the way you commute can add up to less traffic and cleaner air. Let KMM help you get started.

Be Part of the Solution

As a partner of KMM, you can be part of the solution. KMM partners also benefit from continual research and studies focusing on the needs and patterns of those people who travel in Middlesex County. KMM offers effective, viable mobility and management solutions. KMM is working with businesses, elected officials and residents to identify and implement strategies to reduce automobile congestion. This kind of initiative decreases congestion and increases productivity in the business community.

Partnering with KMM allows you to join an association that boasts members who take true pride in their county and take firm initiatives to create a community in which businesses can thrive.

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