Healthier Perth Amboy Bicycle Racks

Imagine a situation in which a parent and child ride bicycles to a local establishment. They arrive and discover that there is no place to secure their bicycles. They may choose to leave bikes unattended to enter. Their next option is to search for a nearby post or fixture to secure their bikes and then return to the store. Or they may decide to go elsewhere entirely. Because of this experience, it becomes less likely that they will choose to ride bicycles to return to this location.

When planning residential or commercial spaces, plan for people. It’s important to include parking for people who ride bicycles. Three years before the 2020 bike-boom, the City of Perth Amboy and Healthier Perth Amboy recognized bicycling as a healthy way to move around the city. Together, they have installed new bicycle racks at seven locations with funding from New Jersey Health Initiatives. With bicycle parking available at these locations, people who ride bicycles feel accommodated and welcome. Community members can rely on these amenities and will be willing to return with their bikes for future trips.