Remote and Hybrid Work Schedules – Are they right for your industry?

Remote work, hybrid schedules, and flexible office hours are becoming standard practices in the workplace.  Each can be unique to the office environment or industry.   To help ensure success across your organization, let’s start with the basics:

Remote Work – Remote work is a type of working arrangement that allows an employee to work from a remote location outside of corporate offices.

Hybrid Schedules – Hybrid schedules combine both remote, in person, and even flex hours.

Flex Hours – Flex hours are an arrangement that allows an employee to alter the starting and/or end time of her/his workday. Employees still work the same number of scheduled hours as they would under a traditional schedule.


Once you determine which type of work arrangement is suitable for your office environment, here are some points to consider:

Evaluate your Hardware: If employees are working remotely or hybrid, they will need access to company files and programs.  Laptops, wifi connections, and other accessories may be needed to allow employees to work productively and effectively.

Establish Schedules:  Whether remote, hybrid or working flexible hours, each employee’s schedule should be defined. Use a shared calendar to indicate everyone’s schedule. Also, set a firm day and time for weekly staff meetings.  This allows everyone to convene together at a designated time each week.  This makes planning meetings and schedules easier and a great way to stay abreast of what everyone is working on.

Take Advantage of Technology:  Video tools, CRM databases, and project management programs make it easier for team members to collaborate on projects and tasks regardless of their location.

Keep Communication Open: Maintaining company culture is key to the business’s success.  Be proactive and organize events for both in-office and remote work staff.  Employees appreciate a manager who is a clear communicator and offers clear direction.


Here is a list of additional resources from The Society for Human Resource Management:

Policy and Procedure

Managing Flexible Schedules

Creating a Program Right for your Company

A Walk in the Park – Week 4

Week 4 Relaxation Week 

“Stop and smell the roses,” isn’t really about roses.  It’s about taking time to relax and appreciate the world around us.  Enjoy a leisurely walk along the bay at Raritan Bay Park or stroll the boardwalk at Old Bridge Waterfront Park.

And don’t forget the Middlesex Greenway, with a 10-foot wide, paved trail suitable for walking, biking, and jogging:

Raritan Bay Park

Old Bridge Water Front Park

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A Walk in the Park – Week 3

Week 3 Family Outing Week

Middlesex County parks are family-friendly.   Johnson Park in Piscataway boasts a pirate playground, a restored 18th-century village, and, along with Merrill and Thompson Parks, an animal haven. Fishing is permitted in many of the parks.  Be sure to check for licensing regulations.  Of course, there are picnicking, ball fields and so much more.  Pack up the family and enjoy a day in the park.

For more information about Animal Havens:  Thompson Park, Merrill Park, Johnson Park.

For information about East Jersey Old Town Village: East Jersey Old Town Village

For information about fishing in Middlesex County Parks:

A Walk in the Park – Week Two

Week 2  Nature Week 

Meander through undisturbed diverse habitats of birds, wildflowers, and wildlife at The Plainsboro Preserve.  The Preserve contains over five (5) miles of trails, the Rush Holt Education Center, and even an indoor treehouse.

Click here for a trail guide:

And in case you missed last’s week Walk in the Park kick-off webinar, you can catch it on our Facebook Page.

This month, as part of our Walk in the Park program, we encourage you to share the photos you snap with us.  We will share them on our social media accounts!  Please send them to:  or tag them #walkinthepark and we will share them!


A Walk in the Park – Week One

Week 1 Health Week

Walking helps sharpen brains, boost moods, strengthen bones, and enhance circulation, and maintain and lose weight.  Several of Middlesex County’s parks have installed fitness stations and trails.

So what are you waiting for?  Fitness stations and trails are available at

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Pictured here: Roosevelt Lake in Edison. Roosevelt Park is the oldest park in the Middlesex County Park System, dating back to 1917.  Set in the midst of a highly developed area, Roosevelt Park is our answer to New York City’s Central Park. Here park visitors can enjoy 196 acres of majestic trees complimented by a picturesque eight-acre lake just perfect for fishing. Roosevelt Park offers a multitude of special facilities to make it a perfect destination for day-trippers.

Healthier Perth Amboy Bicycle Racks

Imagine a situation in which a parent and child ride bicycles to a local establishment. They arrive and discover that there is no place to secure their bicycles. They may choose to leave bikes unattended to enter. Their next option is to search for a nearby post or fixture to secure their bikes and then return to the store. Or they may decide to go elsewhere entirely. Because of this experience, it becomes less likely that they will choose to ride bicycles to return to this location.

When planning residential or commercial spaces, plan for people. It’s important to include parking for people who ride bicycles. Three years before the 2020 bike-boom, the City of Perth Amboy and Healthier Perth Amboy recognized bicycling as a healthy way to move around the city. Together, they have installed new bicycle racks at seven locations with funding from New Jersey Health Initiatives. With bicycle parking available at these locations, people who ride bicycles feel accommodated and welcome. Community members can rely on these amenities and will be willing to return with their bikes for future trips.

Bike Walk to School Month Photo Contest

It’s that time of year to gear up for the annual Middlesex County Walk to School Day!

Join us and your neighboring communities in teaching children in Middlesex County the importance of walking safely, and the benefits of walking as a means to get places, exercise, and help the environment.

Last year, KMM helped organize successful walks in 28 Middlesex County schools and over 6,000 children participated.  I encourage you to sponsor a Walk to School Day on any day in October or on Wednesday, October 2nd for International Walk to School Day.

This October, share a photo from your journey to school. Think of the wonders of your neighborhood and show us what your favorite part of walking to school in October!

  • The winner will receive a Safe Routes to School Prize Pack, which includes a bike bell, front/rear light set, and a helmet.
  • The winner’s homeroom class will receive, stickers, pencils, and glow wristbands.
  • Contest open to Fourth Grade through Eighth Grade students in Middlesex County.
  • One entry per student.
  • Original photographs must be submitted by emailing them at
  • Entries become the property of Keep Middlesex Moving.
  • Entries must be submitted before November 1, 2020.

My Mobility Plan

My Mobility Plan: My Mobility Plan is a tool created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help older adults remain active, safe, and independent as they age. The plan consists of three sections:

  • Myself- How to stay independent by managing health and remaining mobile.
  • My Home- How to stay safe at home which offers a checklist to ensure a safe environment
  • My Neighborhood- A plan to ensure a person can continue to stay mobile around the community.

According to the CDC, older adults who make a plan are more likely to take action to protect their mobility and independence.

Why Have a My Mobility Plan?

  • Falls and motor vehicle crashes, which are related to mobility, are the leading causes of injury and injury death in older adults.
  • There are many negative outcomes for older adults if they stop driving or fall, including reductions in their health, social interaction, and the ability to get around.
  • CDC developed this planning tool, using available scientific evidence, to help older adults plan for future mobility changes that might increase their risk for motor vehicle crashes and falls.
  • Adult children or caregivers can also use this planning tool to help older parents, relatives, or friends.

To learn more, visit us online!