Baby It’s Cold Outside – But Not for Biking!

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to stop biking (to work, to school, to the store). A little extra preparation can make your winter cycling experience comfortable, safe, and fun. Plus, cycling through the winter is a great way to keep your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions!

MP900432901In dry weather you can cycle in your ordinary clothes, with a couple considerations for the cold: warm, wind-resistant gloves and a perhaps a thin cap that covers your ears and fits under your bike helmet. On the coldest days you may want to add a scarf to cover your mouth and nose, and extra-warm socks. Is your regular winter coat too thin for the cold wind of winter cycling? Just wear a fleece vest or light sweater underneath.

When the road is wet, fenders keep your clothes and shoes dry. An alternative is rain pants and shoe covers available at most bike shops. Thicker tires give more traction and control on wet or slushy roads. Ride a little slower than normal to maintain control of your bike.

Remember that it gets dark earlier in winter, so if you’re going to be riding in the late afternoon or evening bring your lights – a front white light and a rear red light. Also, consider wearing light-colored clothes or a reflective vest for even better visibility.

Enjoy your ride this winter!