Winter Driving Tips

With winter in full swing here in Central New Jersey, we thought it would be best to brush up on our winter driving skills.  Before you climb into your car, take a moment to review and refresh!

Driving in Bad Weather

• Carpool: two heads are better than one.
• Sign up for the KMM Emergency Traffic Alert system and receive traffic reports for the roads YOU travel on.
• Be alert. Don’t drive when fatigued.
• Allow plenty of extra time for trips.
• Have alternative routes for how you’ll drive from point A to point B. Anticipate worst-case scenarios and prepare for them.
• Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and have the charger handy.

Tips for Readying Your Car

• Keep the gas tank at least half-full when driving in bad weather. You’ll be more prepared for periods of slow driving or when traffic stops altogether.
• Keep your wiper blades in excellent condition to ensure good visibility.
• Make sure your tires have good treads.
• Carry emergency supplies in your vehicle, no matter what the weather. A good emergency checklist includes a blanket, window scraper, flashlight, first-aid kit, shovel, jumper cables, flares, and non-perishable snacks.

Braking and Skidding

• When applying the brakes on a vehicle equipped with conventional brakes, avoid locking them by pumping.
• For vehicles equipped with anti-lock brakes, apply the amount of brake pressure needed, and don’t pump the brakes.
• To avoid skidding, stay within the speed limit, and, in poor weather, slow down. Keep adequate distance between your vehicle and others.
• Slow down before entering turns or bends, steering steadily.
• While on icy or slippery roads, don’t brake heavily or jerk the steering wheel.

Snow, Ice or Mud Conditions

• If your car is stuck in snow, ice, or mud, proceed carefully. Acceleration that is too rapid will spin the wheels and only dig the vehicle in deeper.
• Try to stay calm and turn the steering wheel gently from side to side to clear snow, ice, or mud away from the wheels. Lightly accelerate forward with the wheels straight ahead, alternating with a slow movement in reverse. This may help rock the vehicle out of its rut.
• Be aware that moisture on overpasses and bridges becomes icy more quickly than on ground-level roads, since cold air is beneath these structures.

This is the perfect time of year to investigate ridesharing or mass transit as an alternative for your commute. Contact KMM to inquire about carpool or vanpool matches for your route, and get free mass transit schedules for your area. Why not start commute habits now that will benefit you all year-long? It could make for a better commute!

Be Prepared – And its New Meaning

Many of us thought that if we had batteries stocked, bottled water stored and our smart phones handy, we were prepared.  Unfortunately, we were proven wrong last October as Hurricane Sandy crashed upon our shores.  Since then, our approach to preparedness has changed.  Our emergency kits haveMH910221066 evolved and our attention to warnings has heightened.

With the New Year upon us, we at KMM thought to share with you what is in our emergency kit.  Some of these items have been listed before, but it is important to keep the kit current.

  • Water in plastic containers – one bottle per person.
  • Cell Phone/ Laptop Chargers – this should be in addition to your everyday charges – one that is always in your kit.
  • A list of important numbers – local police and fire and township and insurance agency – these days, most numbers are programmed in devices that only work with power.
  • Evacuation Routes and Center location – know before a storm where to go.
  • Copies of Important Documentation – insurance, mortgage and social security cards.
  • All medicines, prescriptions – enough for two weeks.
  • Transistor radio – when power is lost, this can be your only lifeline.
  • Subscribe to Nixle, NJOEM, American Red Cross and our very own ETN – alerts will be sent to your smart phone and keep you updated.

So along with eating healthy, exercising more and saving money – make sure to be prepared is right there on your list of things to change for 2013.

From our office to you and yours, A Happy and Safe 2013!


Hello world!

KMM-small-1KMM is proud to launch our very new Intersections blog!  Here we will share our thoughts, ideas and information to those who are interested in alternative modes of commuting, sustainable issues and community programing geared to safety.  We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we enjoy blogging!

Happy and Safe Commuting