Are you an Aggressive Driver?

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Are you an aggressive driver? Most people know it when they see it. According to law enforcement, aggressive driving is “a behind-the-wheel behavior that places others in danger through willful actions without regard to safety.”

Aggressive driving has become a very serious problem on our roadways. It has become a significant contributor to traffic fatalities. Many individuals drive aggressively every now and then.  They put themselves and others in potential danger, completely unaware that they are doing it.

Increasingly crowded roads can lead to the feeling of frustration- which can be responsible for cases of aggressive driving. Such as tailgating, failing to observe signs/regulations and even seeking confrontation with other drivers on the road. By taking part in these actions, many individuals have suffered from different injuries, some including life threatening.

Even though it is bad for individuals on the road, it is also bad for the environment. Research done at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research, has shown that individuals that suffer from road rage, especially during heavy traffic conditions can use up to 40 percent more fuel. Constantly slamming on the brake or the gas pedals more than you should produces additional greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the heat in the atmosphere.  These emissions are then responsible for the greenhouse effect, which ultimately leads to global warming.

Understanding the reasons of aggressive driving and how to stop it, can help boost traffic safety, as well as the safety of the environment.

  1. You should always show courtesy to other drivers.
  2. If you are on the road and are near an aggressive driver, avoid eye contact and allow them to pass and keep your distance.
  3. Lastly, if you are feeling aggressive behind the wheel, pull over and take a minute or two to breathe.

We all want to arrive home to our families.

Pokemon GO ~ Safety Tips!

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Have you recently noticed gaggles of people walking in groups with their attention focused on the phones in their hand? They seem to be looking for something, find it, and then continue on their way – all without once looking up from their phones? Well, we have answers for you. It’s called
Pokemon GO and although it’s fun to play, it’s a pedestrian safety hazard!

Pokemon GO is an interactive game where users capture Pokemon characters in real-time and actual locations.  If you are like me (40+ years old) this makes absolutely no sense, right?  But bear with me.  The game encourages users to walk around their neighborhoods.  With eyes glued to their handheld device, the screen converts to a camera screen and just feet ahead of them lies a Pokemon character waiting for capture.  The farther and longer they walk, the more characters they can capture.  And the more characters they capture, the more points and levels they earn.

So what’s the harm in this game?  People of all ages are walking more and spending more times in their community. Seems like a terrific idea, right?   After walking close to 12,000K steps following my children around our neighborhood this weekend, the safety issues are plentiful.

Sure ,it was wonderful that my children wanted to walk around town with me, but by the end of our adventure, I was ready to put them on leashes.   They were walking into other pedestrians (some of whom were also playing this game), walking too closely to curbs and nicely manicured bushes and plants, and even walking into crosswalks!  I spent the better part of the walk yelling commands.    It was an “eye”opening experience (pun totally intended)!

(null)As a parent and a from a safety standpoint, I share with you these 3 tips to make your Pokemon GO experience safe.

  1. Although the app suggests its users be 10 years old,  if your children are under the age of 15, I recommend the app be downloaded to YOUR phone. That way, you can join them on their adventure.
  2. Designate one person to hold the phone and the others to navigate the path so as to avoid walking into others, crossing streets without looking and tripping over uneven sidewalks.
  3. Since the app’s release, some users have been lured to secluded places and robbed. Be sure to review the safety features on your profile.  Many features can make the user vulnerable to others finding them since the app is also multiplayer.

The game was just released on July 6, 2016.  Be prepared to see, hear, and learn more about Pokemon GO.  Most importantly, play the game safely and never play the game alone.





Showing Courtesy

Everyone knows the situation; seated at a table having lunch with one party who is constantly checking their cell phone.cell-phone

Frustrating and Rude!

Most people believe that they have good mobile manners. However, this isn’t always the case. Responding to texts, emails, and taking calls seem to be take precedent over live interaction. People become irritated by the use of cell phones in public places.

While we can’t change everyone’s bad habits, let’s bring some attention to it.  July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month and let’s start with ourselves. We can accomplish this by following a few tips for cell phone etiquette.

When you are engaged face-to-face with others, during a meeting or conversation, don’t check your cell phone for texts or emails. You should give them your complete and undivided attention. Concentrate on the person(s) you are having the conversation with.

Be sure to set your cell phone volume to silent or vibrate when in a meeting, courtroom, theater, place of worship and especially while driving. There is no message or call that is so important to check during this time.

Do yourself a favor and don’t embarrass yourself in public. If you know that you have an important call to make, that may become emotional or intense, save it for another time. You want to make sure you are in a private place, not in public where everyone can hear you.

Finally, don’t yell. It’s very easy to start yelling while on your cell phone. Always be mindful of your personal volume control.

If you follow these simple tips for the month of July, everyone will appreciate your mobile manners!

Chocolate Pick-Me-Up

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Many of us have been there; having an extremely productive day at the office that we often lose track of time.  As we hurriedly grab a bite to eat, we get back to our tasks at hand. That is – until the afternoon slumber sets in.

Your attitude completely changes and you have little to no motivation left to get through the day.

If your’re someone who’s constantly fighting the urge to nap after lunch, then have I the perfect pick-me-up snack.


If you are looking to gain some energy back to get you through the rest of your day, a chocolate bar will do the trick. Besides chocolate being comfort food, chocolate is also proven to boost energy levels and memory skills. Just what you need to finish up your work day.

Today (July 7) we celebrate Chocolate Day. One of the most delightful unofficial holidays celebrated by chocolate lovers all over the world. A day where we indulge in the mouth-watering taste of all things chocolate related.

So step away from your computer and grab some chocolate to celebrate.  Not only show your appreciation for this midday snack, but importantly get through your work day!